Pryvate is a unique, privacy-based, social and professional communications solution. The application features triple-encrypted voice, email, video, chat, and browsing capabilities, and regularly updates with new utility-based functions that benefit its users.

If you value privacy and the security or peace of mind it provides in our current digital climate, where data and conversations are actively leaked and sold to advertisers and other miscellaneous agencies, then a triple-encrypted solution like Pryvate is for you.

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Watch our video dedicated to Pryvate’s Encrypted Messaging App here:

Pryvate SMC (Secure Managed Conversation) is a cloud-based transcription, indexing, search, and time-stamping solution with integrated technology that produces accurate voice to text transcription and indexing regardless of compression codec.

Powered by transformative Al technology, we provide adaptable redaction and tagging capabilities for your call recordings, dictation files and other data channels.

Visit to get your transcription work done faster and cheaper, while also maximizing value extraction with the use of time-stamping, tagging, and indexing.

Watch our video dedicated to Secure Managed Conversation here:

Hot/Cold Storage Wallet.

The fully-secure Pryvate Crypto Wallet will solve the hot wallet versus cold wallet conundrum where a ‘hot wallet’ is connected to the internet for easier spending, and a ‘cold wallet’ is not and thus far more impervious to attack. With Pryvate’s secure wallet and its patent pending bi-directional sync method, a hybridization of hot and cold storage all from one device will be always available, with no extra storage needed and total-security provided for both mobile and desktop environments.

PVC is a Utility Token That Will Help Further Expand The Pryvate Ecosystem

Pryvate Ltd. the developers behind the PryvateNow app and specialists in industry leading e2e encryption services, are launching their own Initial Coin Offering (ICO). As the global necessity for encryption services grows in our current era of constant privacy-invasion scandals, so does the awareness and applications for blockchain technology. To take full advantage of this opportunity, Pryvate aims to raise $20M with their ICO, funding that will enable additional, continuous growth for their technologies, as well as effective marketing for its products at a worldwide scale.


We’ve been at this for months making plans and very excited to announce the token sale. It seems rather timely since there is all this talk about privacy.

Now through April 16th Save 30% on (PryvateCoin) PVC.
Go to for details.

Get on the whitelist, send in your eth NOW for a huge savings!

We made a little video for the occasion. Check it out!

Due to restrictions USA citizens may not participate may in the PRESALE. (But can buy PVC after the sale period.)

For more on Pryvate™ visit or download our apps from the google or apple App store.


We offer a complete private communications solution for individuals and enterprise.

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